Personal Photoshoot in Avebury

Over the Christmas break I used the occasion I used the opportunity carry on my photography journey and adventures. I kept my camera in my hand and used time to capture more photographs for my work in a more relaxed environment. I feel when I am in a more relaxed environment taking photographs and able to more freely take them, that I produce better and more interesting photographs.

When I was younger we visited Avebury in Wiltshire which has a Neolithic henge stone circle surrounding the village. There is a mystery behind it and the stones creates a beautiful atmosphere of rich culture of history in the UK.

I visited the Village again with a friend over Christmas and it worked out perfectly that it was an evening with a beautiful sunset and it just made the stones look alive. I was so lucky to have that beautiful sunset as a backdrop for the photoshoot which brought contrast with the stones and warmed the images.




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