15 Minute Photoshoot

The brief when we arrived in class today was that we were being given a celebrity to photograph and our photoshoot was to feature in an editorial. We would be with the celebrity for 15 minutes in a hotel. We had two lighting setups to use and we had to produce two photographs. The style that they are looking for is an Esquire and GQ kind of look to the photographs where the model would be more mature like Geroge Clooney and David Gandy.

On further questioning I asked if we could do the photographs in black and white as I feel that gives off more of a mature feel to them. I was instructed that one of them could be in black and white but one must be in colour.



To begin with, this was the photograph that I look in colour. I took inspiration from the Esquire magazine photograph of George Clooney (below left). I like this image for inspiration as the pose looks relaxed and fits the description of the brief in looking as if it could be for an interview for a magazine interview with a celebrity.

I think it is very important to reflect on work and I feel that the right side of the face might be slightly hot from the overspill of the white light. However, I do really like the sharp white crisp line that cuts down the nose and makes it a more striking and impactful image.

These are the photographs which I chose for inspiration for the photoshoot. The left is a feature of George Clooney in Esquire Magazine and the right is Edward Holcroft in a magazine feature. The photograph on the left of George Clooney is a multiple lighting setup. I reverse engineered the images and realised with the George Clooney photo it would need two lights with a reflector and the photograph of Edward Holcroft would need just a single lighting setup. Both of the light in both setups where facing the model directly would need soft boxes so to reduce the hard light look on the face. I chose the photograph of Edward Holcroft because he looks straight down the lens of the camera and you can see the emotion in his eyes, you can see the real emotional connection with the camera.


The photograph below is one other that I added into the set because its similar to the one above but the face is slightly tilted away. It has reduced the hot overspill of light onto the face and actually makes quite a powerful image. The black and white gives it a more mature appearance and relates it more to the inspiration.


This was the photograph that I chose of the two to be in black and white. I feel here there is far more of a connection with the camera with the model which you can see from the eyes. It is not a beauty shot as such and being an interview shot you need to capture the emotion of the character to convey. I feel I have done that in this photography. I kept on talking to the model and instructed to keep them relaxed so they would open up to the camera for the photograph.

Here are the rough lighting diagrams that I created before the photoshoot to work from. It helped our group know what needed to go where in the short time that we had to do the photoshoot.


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