Still Life Photography

This week’s brief was a still life photo shoot to explore the genre of still life photography.

The Brief:

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 10.36.38.png

Theses are the photographs which I produced in the style of an advertisement still life photo shoot.



What went well:

  • I feel the first photograph works with a good backdrop.
  • The background to the bottle reflects the smart and professional market that it is meant to appeal to.
  • I thought about who the target audience is and before I did the photo shoot I knew that gin is an in drink with currently with young fashionable people, many within the business world.
  • The second photograph uses more of an abstract and arty look to it which is eye catching and contrasting against a black background it brings the product forward.

What could be better

  • I feel like in the first photograph the composition could be better to take what the bottle is sitting on out of the picture more.
  • The light in the second photograph could be more straight to it looks clearer and concise.
  • The resolution of the second photograph could be higher and that means that I should have been more careful when taking them to have the camera more still and therefore I would not have to have processed it as much on lightroom and photoshop. But the long exposure worked well as a more abstract look I feel.

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