Work Experience at the Jack Wills Photography Studios

I currently work at Jack Wills and a few weeks ago I got chatting to a customer in store about one of the iteams of clothing and the converstation when on, and then eventually it came into converstation that they worked at Head Office. They were part of the                   e-commerce team. I got talking to them more and they told me about the branding that they do online and then I mentioned that I do Digital Photography at Ravensboure. I meantioned what an interest I had in the way that the brand presents and sells itself to the consumer market. I love how the campaings are made so authentic and have such depth to them which is backed up by the photography.

I then asked if it would be possible if I would be able to get some work experience with them as it would be so valuble to me as a student and it would give me such a great insight into the industry. I got the details the the really nice man who wrote it on the back of the reciept. I then quickly emailed the head of the creatove team who he instructed me to contact who came back to me with such a nice email and she then spoke to another lady who contacted me. After all of that and a few emails, last week I had a chat with the studio manager and the main photographer for Jack Wills at their head office who are arranging for me to have some work experience with them and working on a programme for a week of work for me to do with them.

Everyone that I spoke to was so lovely and it just showed that when you get talking to people they are more that happy to help you out. All of them have been in the sae situation as you and completely understand where you are coming from. They asked what types of photography I would like to do and they explained that they would tailor the time that I was there to what I was interest in. The plan is to have the work experinece in the new year when they are starting to photograph the coming seasons outfits and will have more work to do so there will be a lot more for me to see.

Its all very exciting and I can not wait to get involved!









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