Personal Photoshoots

I am really pleased to have been able to do a number of personal photoshoots this term in between working at my part-time job, uni work and lots of other things. I did not realize how busy I would be and it’s really nice to be able to do a photo shoot where there is no pressure for it and it’s in a relaxed environment. It’s nice to be able to do a photoshoot out of personal choice and there isn’t a deadline to get it done by, but just for the sheer enjoyment.


This is a photoshoot that I did for Stan for his social media pages. We went out and around North Greenwich using the interestingly designed boarding that they have for the construction work that is going on around the peninsula.

Canary Wharf

I find Canary Wharf a really interesting as an area of London architecturally. The design of the buildings is different to the rest of London as the area is all so new and being a financial area its so clean cut and precisely designed. The who atmosphere of the area feels very cold and emotionless and everyone is dressed in suits and ready for business. I feel I have reflected this in my photographs with the cold blue tint to the photographs and the heightened contrast.


North Greenwich Sunset

I was walking back from University the other day after spending the day doing work in the Library with my friends and although I was doing work I could not stop noticing the amazing sunset outside. People kept on coming into the Library to see the sunset which was a beautiful red running into a pink and then a golden color. It looked perfect against the dark contrast of the buildings in the evening.











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