Talk by Indi Petrucci

These are notes from today’s talk in our class by Indi Petrucci Photographers Assistant and Digital Operator

 First year – couldn’t decide what to do.

Its not set in stone what you do, as long as you keep on trying new ideas

from portrait to food

Assisting – is the quickest way to get to where you want to be and you can get into the industry quickly.

She called up her photography idol and asked to help at all, and ended up working for him for two and a half years doing:

  • Digi opp
  • Full-time manager
  • accounting
  • Pre-production meetings
  • lighting
  • diary

Assisting – working in areas such as:

  • Advertising – Lurpack, MacDonalds
  • Editorial – Waitrose magazine
  • Packaging – M&S

Her industry

  • lifestyle/portraiture food
  • still life
  • travel
  • interior

It’s a very small industry – photographers pick a very small area of these topics and work with them – but many of the areas are linked.

Previously – in the food photography industry there would have been fake food used for the photographs but now it is so important to use what is actually there and it has to look how it would at home, if not you can’t photograph it.


  • Photographers
  • Assistants
  • Art Directors
  • Graphic Directors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Food Styling
  • Prop Stylist
  • Writers

After two years of work – became a freelance assistant

  • shooting own work
  • getting small clients
  • the work from assisting helped with networking.
  • foot in the door
  • no need to cold call
  • skills learned
  • portfolio critiques
  • use of studio equipment
  • great relationship with agent


  • hard work
  • can’t call in ill
  • fun
  • have to do all sorts


  • if you want to do something you have to do it every day
  • make the most of the equipment available at uni
  • shadow someone if you can whilst at uni
  • start early so it is easier when you graduate
  • get involved – show that you care!
  • be alert and aware – there is something you could always do
  • always be helpful
  • show your ability
  • don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it – it’s fine
  • all you need is one person to say yes – now she has loads of people to network with
  • you need to have capture 1 – the most important!!
  • you need basic photoshop knowledge
  • work for older photographers because they will want to not work the weekend and will want to get home to their family


  • China & Co – props

Speaking to her one to one afterward

I spoke to Indi after her talk about breaking into the industry from the aspect of photojournalism/documentary photography that I am looking to go into. Although she doesn’t know a lot about documentary photography because she focuses on food she did say that to be a documentary photographer you need to have skill of a lot of photography forums because you might be recording almost anything. She told me to look at the work of some of her friends Scott Grummett, Emma Lee and Lizzie Mason because they will have work that might inspire me.









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