Progress Review

This is a post to look at my progress so far and to assess what I can do to carry on making progress into the future developing my work, learning and skill set.

Carry on doing

  • carry on working on my Instagram
  • scrapbooking
  • pursue the work experience that I have been in contact with Jack Wills for.
  • keep WordPress blogging
  • keep shooting personal work – but shoot more of it – this is essential.

What I need to do moving forward

  • look for the opportunities that I have to contact people within the industry
  • look for new techniques in photography to use
  • I need to network more and speak no getting experience to aid my understanding of the industry and how I can become and bigger part of it.
  • get in contact with more photographers on social media
  • assist on some work – industry professional and L2 and L3 students
  • use social media, investigate magazines and Ad agencies for work.
  • Join the Ravensbourne Agency
  • make my CV more professional and nice looking
  • begin to follow more documentary photographer, photojournalists, publications etc on social media, on website and in print.

Specific Improvements


  • create specific tabs for each unit
  • add links to my Twitter and Instagram using the appropriate widget tool.

Linked in Account

  • complete all sections of the profile
  • made sure I have photos for the account

Instagram account

  • add contact details to my account
  • get networking with people over the platform

Twitter account

  • make more posts on the account engaging with the industry more.

Prepare and/or improve your professional CV

  • arrange an appointment with Rave + team (Study Zone)


  • undertake three personal shoots per term for my digital workbook and Instagram
  • This will help me build material for my portfolio which is more specific to me.


  • decide which platform I will use from my own professional website
  • research and then create my own account.

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