Planning a photoshoot

This was the overview from the lecture from our tutor:

Business Knowledge 1 – The art of selling yourself and your skills + Planning a photo shoot

In this session we will examine the process of how:

  1. You go out and get work
  2. Preparing an estimate
  3. Deal with model agencies
  4. Plan a shoot
  5. Professional bodies

We will also explore:

  1. The roles of other professionals you will meet working in photography
  2. The possible career paths open to you
  3. How you can feed all of this into your essay for this unit

Bring with you:

  • Pen, pencil, highlighter
  • Notepad
  • Mac

The work

To begin with we looked at the career paths that we could follow in photography and examined the skills that we would need to take on these roles.

Here are my notes from class which showed the way we did it:


This lecture was based on the development of our business knowledge in the photography industry. In the afternoon we were set mock a task to organise a photo shoot for a leading supermarket’s magazine, which is as follows:


I called around a number of people who we identified that we would need for the shoot and found prices for the shoot from industry professionals. It helped to give me an insight to the way in which professionals go about their work whilst speaking to them on the phone and getting quotes. It was interesting to hear also that most of the people that we called had a network of people who they could use for other aspects of our shoot and had specific people that they would work with. The research skills that we used in trying to find them was good to work through what we might exactly need.


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