The Colour of Life Brief Plan

This weeks brief was to produce four title page options for an ipad magazine editorial. We were set to produce two studio photography – one portrait, one landscape and two location photographs – one protrait, one landscape.

The breif was set as follows – the date is incorrect on the breif as it was one that had been use previously on the course and had not been changed when set for us.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 23.54.34.png

My immediate response was to create a moodboard of ideas for the shoot to endable to develop my own plans for the shoot. I immediatly googled the title on google images to see what would come up and help me.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 23.58.06.png

This response from google images gave me a small amount of inspiration for the shoot but did not really massivly help to motivate ideas. The only photograph that apealed to me from this search was the image of the Indian Colour Festival on the right hand side, half way down of this screenshot. It got me thinking about using more than one person in the photoshoot.

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 00.05.13.png

I had a little more success on Pinterest in generating ideas and in particular I liked the more bright grahpic design route to go along. The work of vivid colour photographer William Eggleston inspired me, as it is not only simple with the small things that it focuses on, but the colour creates such character to the images that it is just so interesting and satisfying to look at as a viewer.

As you can see in this work by William Eggleston the setups that he uses are very simple and do not have a massive degree of work needed in the setup of them to make them looks good.

Research into the title

I thought I would think more about the life element of the title. How could I show life in the photographs and yet still make it interesting? What aspects of life are intersting or unusual that I could photograph? How could I show this in a model or models?

I tried to not think to hard about it as usually an idea will come to me when I’m not thinking too hard on what to do. I already had some ideas going around in my head from this research I had done so far.

The suddenly when I got back to my halls an idea came to me. Two of my best friends at uni are twins and twins are such an interesting part of life. They are so rare and having two people who are born together and looks the same is facinating. This is a really interesting aspect of life to look at, particuallary as the twins are itentical. It gave me a lot of scope to play with colour on a photoshoot with them. I could dress them in the same outfit and make it colourful and thencontrast the too. There is so much that I could do and it was so exciting I couldn’t wait to get started.

I also I created a moodboard on my mac homescreen of photographs that I saw that caught my eye. Here is the mood board that I created.

From this mood board I then wanted to use all of these ideas that I had found that inspired me to generate a really interesting photoshoot of my own.


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