Understanding Colour – “The visual effect this is caused by the composition of light emmited transmitted or reflected by an object”

This lecture was about understanding light and colour and what makes what we see. This is such and important part to photography as once you can understand that you can then know how to work with it to produce and process good images.

Notes from class:

This lecture involved an amount of physics to realise why light behaves in the way that it does and how it changes. This also help me to relate this to studio situations and to know how I could therefore alter generate light to match that in the natural world. We were imfromed of the main components of light and photographers such as Saul Leiter, William Eggleston and Nick Knight who use light and colour as a huge component in their photography to create some very beautiful photographs.

My lecturer Matt Pritchard also taught use about the Kelvin Scale of light which gave us a further understanding of what we can do on photoshoots to help balance light and even out the colours to make our technical ability as photographers better.



I feel this diagram helps me visually to see and undertand light more easily. It visualises the theorgy and helps me realise how I can alter the settings on my camera to compensate for the state of the natural light outside.





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