Talk from Ope O – “Utilise social media as much as possible”

The talk that former Ravensbourne Student Ope O gave to us gave me some tips that have were so useful and really helped me further with my understanding of components of the photography and the way in which are developing into the future.

Ope O also known by his Instagram name of Greatasenal took hold of instagram in its early days around six years ago. Since them he has featured on the instagram suggested list three times and has gained ninety-two thousand, seven hundred followers. Ope O has worked with many high-end brands as well such as Audi and Timberland to name a few, as well as photographing many social media famous individuals.

In the early days Ope O explained how he used his mobile phone for his Instagram and used editing apps that he could download such as vaco, snapseed, fotor, juxtapsoer, lenslight, squareready, slow shutter, space fx, to edit his photographs. Many of these editing apps provied an easy way to create some outstanding looking photographs very quickly and easily without using some of the more high-end editing software.

Ope O did also mention that in London there are so many photography events to get involved in and it is an excellent way to be able to network. Meeting new people with different ideas and different outlooks on things. I was already aware of the huge amount of photography events and exhibitions that there were in London to get involved in but I had not heard of the “Instawalks” which Ope O mentioned. This is where a group of photographers meet and all go off and take photographs together for Instagram. Most of this is organised through instagram and it yet another great way to network.

Ope O’s main message for us all was to “Utilise social media as much as possible”. He stressed to us so much how important it is to take advantage of the social media platforms available to us because that is the way that he has become “famous” in a sense and is the way in which he has managed to get the majority of the work that he currently has. Many brands have approached him and referred to previous work that he has done and used his own work as mood board ideas for him in commissions they have asked him to do. Yet another point he made was that it is important not only to post your own photographs on social media but to engage with others on there as well; “comment on others photos”, “message them asking to collaborate”. The way he also mentioned as such an easy way to be able to network your images is to hashtag them as much as possible. On Instagram you can hashtag a post up to thirty times and we should make the most of them; tag other pages and users which might repost you work and help you get noticed more. Most importantly consistency is key. It is important that each piece you put on is your best and of course it is important to be regularly posting work. Treat you last post like the  a very high-end client will see it and judge the rest of your work on it.



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