Magazine Cover and Inside Spread Set Work Comission

Here are the final photographs I produced from the photoshoot for the magazine comission work set. The photographs have been inspired by the research work that I did on Vivian Westwood’s fashion work and also Jessica Walsh’s graphic design artwork. The works was produced in collaboration with a close friend Alicia Ryles Payne who created the striking contempory makeup for this piece through my direction.

I had to make the model not look like herslef and I think I have achieved that very well. Daisy (the model) has scraped her hair back to her head which takes away a lot of what she nomally looks like. Her bright blonde hair is a feature that helps to distinguish her normally and therefore taking that away changes her character dramatically. The choice of clothing into blright colours in both individual styles makes her differnt yet again as she usually wears conservative but still fashionable clothing. Finally

Cover Photo

This first photograph (left) works with the first lighting setup from the previous photoshoot. The light is placed stright infront of the model and slightly above her to get a strong lighting on her face, the type used in beauty photography in a key lighting setup.

This lighting setup allows not only to bring out the bright and striking colours of the make-up, but also creates a bright effect on the skin which irons out creases and inperfections in the skin. The light reflects in the eyes brigning the model to like and giving them a warmth of personality. I decided to change the lighting set up sightly by just adding in an extra light  behind the model to iron out any inperfections on the white walls.

The makeup takes away from the person that she really is due to its abstract and artistic look. It creates a make beileve character and the paint works as a mask to rework her face into someone/something else.

Inside Spread

It took me a while to decide which photograph to use for the cover and which to use for the inside spread but I feel now that I have made the right decision. I feel this second photograph works better on the inside spread due to the whole composition of it. The model is sat facing inwards to the magazine and into the article which draws a connection between them. It is less direct that the cover photo because the model is not looking straight out to the viewer which I feel is more key for the cover photo because browsing past it in a shop or whereever it may be advertised you feel more engaged if the model is looking at you.

I chose the outfit for this second photograph (above right) because of the first of all viberant colours within it. It has some intersting contrast with the opposite colours on the jacket of pink/purple and orange against the greens, turqoiuse and blues. The colours on the outfit also draw parallels to the colours of the make-up on the face, connecting the modle with what she is wearing.

I feel the lighting setup in this second photograph differs well to the one of the cover photo as it makes good use of the shadow created by the leap lighting setup. The sharp shadow cast across the models neck retirates the sharp look with her hair scraped back, the sharp black lines defining her features and her fixed gaze. There is not a need to light her eyes with a reflection as this image should portray a more sharp personality with less warmth. This contrasts the personally and appearance of Daisy (the model) in reality becuase she is such friendly and welcoming person.


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