Lighting Setups Day Two – The Comission

Day two

The second day was time to put into practice what we had learned on the previous day and we were set a task for a magazine cover commission. Taking specific roles within the shoot and rotating around them we learned about the setup of a professional shoot, which how we would collaborate with others during a working shoot.

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 11.14.47.png

It was exciting to work to a deadline with the group and with likeminded individuals to create some really exciting images. This opportunity gave use lots of scope to experiment with the lighting setups and also using the soft boxes and coloured gels to see the effect on the environment and model(s). It also helped me to understand the uses of each piece of equipment and that they really do have an essential such as light metres being a key tool for the setup of the camera.

Part one

We began simple and then went further into deeper experimentation. By the time it had come round to myself being the photographer we has begun to be more adventurous and I decided to use the gels to see what effect that had. Although the image produced is not the most amazing image, it was more of the process towards it that intrigued me and helped me learn more.

IMG_2133_Fotor_Fotor final.jpg

Although it is a pretty basic setup with lights on either side it was interesting to use gels for the first time and to experiment with the graphic effect that it has on a model. The image created is quite striking and the sharp divide of the colours is echoed by the sharp features of the face such as the jawline, eyes and nose.

It was interesting to see the problems that we encountered, in particular that because we were using two lights at ninety degrees to the camera the light was not strong enough for us to be using an F stop of F11 which was ideal for shooting in. Therefore we had to shot with an F stop of 5.6 and just have the camera on tripod. We did experiment with having it on F11 with a longer shutter speed, however it just meant that the image produced was too burred or that only half of the image came out. Therefore we had to settle for F5.6.

Part Two

After experimenting as a group more we relaied which parts to our lighting setup. After seeing the format that we had been given for our magazine cover it gave up time to think about what exactly our cover could look like. As it was a wrokshop in class and the outcome quality was not the most improtant part to it I jumped stright in woth experimentation. We hadn’t used two models and most covers don’t usually use more than one regularly so the effect of using two against one another was intesing but challenging in the space we had.

The cover heading; ‘Dazed’ gave something to think about followed below by ‘Technicolour Haze’. It’s rather ironic that technicolour haze suggests vivid colour yet the word ‘Haze’ suggests some confusion to that. Therefore producing an image in black and white reiterates that. I just wanted a plain look on the faces of the models in almost a look of confusion to further exadurate a ‘Dazed’ look. I cropped the origional photogaph to a tighter crop of the faces to be able to just catch some of the features but give enough to show the experssion but also enough to make the viewer think about what the reason is behind their stare.


This exercise added some interesting points to my learing as a photographer. Although the images created were somewhat successful to an extent although I was not overall comepetely happy with the turnout, it was more about the process which it took to get there and what I learned from it. It was the first time I had really experienced such a large group situation whilst producting an image and using such professional equipement to work with in many differnt roles which would actually exist on a shoot. This excercise made us become more professional photographers in nature as we used the theroies learned for example getting the correct F stops, in practice and helped it helped me to fully take in the improtact of that theory becuase I learn from doing. It was a really enjoyable experience to work with people who really got excited by the images that we created and would bounce ideas off eachother to make some really exciting ideas and concepts.


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