Royal Photographic Society International Print Competition 159

It was very exciting to have been able to view the 159th International Print Competition from organized by the Royal Photographic Society before it opened to the public. Being a Ravensbourne student means that we have had the privilege to have this very special access.

The exhibition which will tour around the country showed a very interesting variety of photographs and many of which were not only beautiful as images but also had some very strong meaning and background behind them.

In particular the works of Peter Zelewski with his series entitled “Twins”, Greg Kahn’s work particularly “Abandoned Car” and Alex Wong’s “Yoong Wah”.

I loved the variety of the photographs in the exhibition and as you can see from the images above that I liked. All of them had been beautifully crafted and their composition well though of. This exhibition provided me with so many inspirational ideas and photographers who have inspired me to produce lots of different work in the future. Although I have always enjoyed going to exhibitions it had encouraged me to go to more more frequently. Furthermore it has also encouraged me to enter photography competitions myself, as there were two Ravensbourne students who had work in the exhibition which is encouraging that it is a goal I can aspire to. My lecturer explained how by them featuring in the exhibition it had boosted their career which was really interesting and something that I would love to do.







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