My Portrait Photograph Inspired by Solve Sundsbo

IMG_2054_ - final one for word press.jpg


The photograph from Solve Sundsbo’s feature in Vogue Hommes entitled “Faces” has been the inspiration for my for this piece for me. I have used the lighting concept that Sundsbo has used and created my own take on it. In this photograph the light as in the photograph which inspired me, carefully and skilfully captures the sensitivity and beauty of the human form. The light that I used was a defused desk lamp. The light almost brushes the skin with the most gentle touch and illuminates the contours of it, with the shadows then accentuating these. Placing the light to the camera left side of the model it creates that sharp divide in the face which Sundsbo uses in his piece.

The light has helped me to capture the texture on the skin and face, through this it has therefore allowed me to show an intimate look at the model. Ryan was an excellent model and knew how to open up to the camera and show the deep emotional connection to it through a look. The warmth of the light has also brought forward the life in the skin of the model and brings them forward to the viewer from the background, very much making them the key focal point.

Whilst editing the photographs I lightened the light that you can see has been caught in the eyes of the model, making him come across as more friendly and approachable to the viewer. The soft contrast of the light and dark tones on the face bring character into the model and bring the image to life I feel and which is very important in a portrait photograph.

During the photoshoot I directed him in a way to get the connection which is key for such a beautiful photograph. As a photographer I spoke to him and gained a personal connection which I hope I have shown in this photograph and the result has been that I have ended up producing a portrait image which I am very proud of.


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