Reverse Engineering Photography -Solve Sundsbo

Vogue photo.JPG

Simple yet effective, this photography by Solve Sundsbo creates a striking portrait really hits the viewer. Sundsbo has used just one light to illuminate the model from camera left. The light looks to have been softened probably by a defuser to have a less harsh look on the skin of the model and also to not leave as harsh shadow lines on them either. There is an option also that also to the camera right there might have been a dark material used to absorb any light from reflecting back on to the camera right side of the model. This dark material would also make a secure ground so that the photographer could be sure that no other materials in the room could effect the photograph.

The overall outcome is that a very close and intimate photograph is created. The sharp black shadow which cuts down the face makes it a very imposing and striking photograph as there is a sharp contrast between light and dark. The light pics up on any small and subtle detailing on the face and therefore gives the viewer and more intimate look at the model making them connect more with them. The pose is strong and accentuates the direct shapes of the light.


My Lighting Sketch Plan

Inspired by Solve Sundsbo I have drawn up a sketch plan for a photoshoot influenced by him. I have here (right) sketched the set up of what my shoot will have to be prepared to look like and to be set up like so that a similar image can be generated. FullSizeRender.jpg

Under the instruction by my lecturer that the photograph must be created using available light sources from home this simple yet effective set up is an ideal photograph to create from that. However though in this set up I need to consider how I can make a deep and meaningful photograph. It is all too easy to not produce a good quality photograph from this set up. It is key that I must engage with the model and connect with them as a photographer in order to really capture them well in the photograph.


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