Quentin Shih – Discovering a Studio Photographer

These three photographs that I have chosen from Quentin Shih’s Louis Vuitton commission collection and his personal ‘The Realities Imagined’ collection. I was immediately draw to his work due to the narrative and beautifully artistic nature of his work.

His Louis Vuitton work (two left photographs) is interestingly crafted to make the focal point of the images the items of clothing, however there is also an intriguing story being conveyed to the audience at the same time. I appreciate the finer details that the stylist of the images has used to add character to the images and make them look less contrived. The soft tones and pastil-like colours are gentle on the eye and easy to look at. The photographs are caught mid-way through a narrative and therefore intriguing which is fitting their purpose very well as fashion advertisement photographs.

The photograph on the right from Quentin Shih’s personal ‘Realities Imagined’ series. I was drawn to this photograph because of it’s differing subject to the other two photographs by Shih. The discarded lightbulbs tell a story and provoke a narrative behind them which attracts the audience. The orange lighting in the image coming from the right creates an interesting atmosphere making the audience wonder what it could be. The effect that that light has on the bulbs, catching the light and resonating around the glass creates and delicate look to them which is pleasing on the eye. The light reflecting off the lightbulbs then also reflects up onto the walls and creates another interesting aspect illuminating the wall and showing the worn walls which add further depth to the narrative about what they are the result of. What it was that created these intense marks on the wall which are adding character.





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